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Do I Still Have Your Attention?

In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a writer, marketer, and strategist. This means I live in a fantasy world inside my head where everyone hangs onto my every word. But the reality of the situation is much more bleak: people don't like to read.

I know, I know, that might be generalizing a bit too much...but for the most part, it's true. I know this because I've been marketing for the better part of 12 years professionally (here's my resume). 

But knowing this fact is different from accepting it. I refuse to accept it. Instead, I use this knowledge to my advantage — that's the trick. Because the best way to get people to do something they don't want to do, is to get their attention. Think of this tactic no different from a child intentionally misbehaving. It's for attention.

And I've suffered from a look-at-me behavioral complex since the age of two. Which makes for a pretty good asset in advertising/marketing. It's all about grabbing one's attention and holding onto it for as long as possible. Sometimes that means writing something serious. Sometimes that means writing something funny. And other times that means writing something seriously funny.

Every situation and target audience is different — meaning how you say it is just as important as what you say. And that's where my title as a "writer" is a bit misleading and shortsighted. My words would fall flat and disappear, without a trace, into the ether if my conceptual thinking, marketing analysis, creative leadership, and strategic positioning capabilities lacked the attention-grabbing qualities of what I write.

So, sure I'm a writer. But what I offer is so much more than what the title might indicate at first glance. That's why if you're looking for a creative leader with advertising, strategic, and marketing chops who just so happens to write, let's chat.

For those who stopped reading six paragraphs ago, I guess I was right in my anti-reading assumption. For those who are still reading, look how long I was able to hold your attention. Either way, I would say I won.